AAR: John Tiller’s France 40 – Half Day’s Hard Work

I am an aggressive player. Committing all of my troops without reserves to overwhelm the enemy is my signature move. A bad signature move. Not surprisingly I had to pay a heavy price for...

Panzer Corps 2 – Spanish Civil War Review

A review of Panzer Corps 2's new DLC The Spanish Civil War. It's the first instalment in the new Axis Operation DLC series Slitherine has planned.

Combat Mission Cold War Announced!

No! You're not dreaming! After Battlefront's last release of Combat Mission Black Sea in 2014, I never would have thought they would release a new one this soon. I suppose they would have created more...

Command: Modern Operations Review – Commanding from a Dark Room

What is a GBU-39? What does SEAD stand for? If you’re not familiar with any of these terms, then Matrix’s latest wargame release aptly titled, Command: Modern Operations, will swiftly introduce you, not only...

Libertad o Muerte! Review

The Avid Wargamer's review of Libertad o Muerte, a computer wargame, depicting the Americas' 19th-century struggle for freedom against Spain.

Command LIVE: Aegean in Flames Review

After being given the great opportunity as my first wargame to review, Command Modern Operations, I was again provided with the chance to review CMO's new DLC, Aegean in Flames! One of the many...