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Panzer Corps 2 – Spanish Civil War Review

July 27, 2020
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Often DLCs following big releases like Panzer Corps 2 aren’t able to live up to the hype or content of the core game. However, I can safely say not only did the Spanish Civil War live up to my expectation but also surpassed them.

Slitherine calls this new line of DLCs Axis Operation Series. Each of the DLC delves deeper into a particular conflict featuring detailed, and longer narratives, delivered in concert with historically accurate units and tons of dialogue from all sides of the battle to create a cohesive experience.

Spanish Civil War is the first installment of the Panzer Corp’s Axis operation series, placing you in charge of leading the Spanish nationalist forces to victory in the raging battles from July 1936 – March 1939 with 16 scenarios stretching throughout the entire conflict in Spain.

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The new models for the Spanish civil war look great and authentic enough that I felt like I was playing a different faction altogether.

Honestly, I came into this DLC not expecting too much from it. Thankfully, I was proven wrong in the first few dozen minutes into the game. My first mission was to aid the Spanish nationalist by bringing my elite German infantry to bear against the enemy and to take as many towns and airfields as I can.

To make it more interesting, I only had two turns to do so before the British navy comes along to wham-bam slam my naval transportation like fish in the barrel. Luckily the game provided me with enough units to sling my way across, albeit losing a few artillery units from the British interception.

Later on, you are also tasked to reorganize the local Spanish forces with German forces to help reconquer territories. You’ll meet some interesting characters along the way, such as a local commander who knows what she wants out of the conflict and isn’t afraid to speak out when things get hairy.

Sometimes, you’ll have 3-4 characters going off about trivial things.

The Spanish War DLCs shine brighter than their bigger brother because of the large amount of detail the devs were able to pour into this conflict. Thereby focusing their attention and love on several set pieces. Reading through the dialogues on each mission can take you a good solid 5 -10 minutes and it isn’t fillers to keep the overall story arc going. It’s there to entertain and educate you.

Along with new characters, you are treated to even more heroes and military commendation to help personalized and fleshed out your army. Of course, in terms of gameplay difference, there isn’t much when compared to the commanders in the core game. However, it does add that much-needed theme around the conflict that was missing in the original game.

To this effect, if the buffs gained from the commanders were unique to the Spanish civil war conflict then it would have gone a long way. Furthermore, at the start of the campaign, buffs and debuffs selection still stayed the same, and there were no additional ones distinctive to the Spanish Civil War.

New commanders are uniquely named after ones in the Spanish Civil war.

Overall, I have tremendously enjoyed this DLC, and I can’t wait for the next one to come, which we know will be called 1939, following up with Germany’s invasion of Poland. I assume. What else could happen in that year?

It is also noteworthy that Slitherine chose to cover this particular period of the war as their first DLC. The Spanish civil war has been overlooked and underratted for far too long. It’s time we change that

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